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Assist Control = A/C = CMV


Set FiO2 as low as possible for SaO2 of >90%, Set PEEP according to your PEEP table.


Measure patient, use height to find IBW on either MDCALC or table below. Set Tidal Volume to 8mL/KG of IBW


Set Respiratory Rate to 16-20. Go higher for patients with elevated CO2 levels. You may be able to go lower in patients with normal ventilation who were intubated for airway protection.


The set Tidal Volume and Rate are minimums that the patient will get regardless of whether or not they breath.


If the patient breaths at a rate above the set rate, every additional breath is also guaranteed the set tidal volume. 





RR - 12

Vt 500


Total RR - 20


What will be the minute ventilation?


Minute Ventilation = RR x Vt = 20 x 500mL = 10,000mL or 10L


We used 20 instead of 12 because the patient is breathing 20 times per minute and each respiration is guaranteed the set tidal volume.2

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Screen Shot 2019-10-02 at
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